Thursday 11 October 2012

Crescent Rise, Truro. Cleaning up the Camp 11.10.2012

Crescent Rise, Truro. Cleaning up the Camp

Adam Desmonde

Earlier this month I paid a visit to Crescent Rise, Truro, to deal with a complaint a constituent had sent to me regarding the poor state of a path leading from their area to Chapel Hill. It was whilst I was walking around the area that I got talking to another constituent who raised a further problem in the area.

It would appear that the park to the rear of the crescent had been the source of antisocial behavior in recent months with 'youngsters playing music late at night' and in addition 'making a serious mess in the park’. 

I took some time to go to the park and have a look and was shocked at the state in which the area had been left.

Crescent Rise Camp, Truro.

After taking some pictures I wrote to Neighborhood Services to report the problem and my concerns regarding the bottles, rubbish and general state of the area.

Within just a few day Richard Budge (Truro City Parks) got in contact with me and reported that not only had he and his team cleaned up the area they had also discovered evidence of drug use.

Richard did a fantastic job of dealing with the mess and I'm hopeful that now the area has been cleaned up it will no longer be used for antisocial behavior. 

That said I'm going to keep an eye on the situation and should there be evidence of the problem raising its head again will contact the local authorities.

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