Friday 31 August 2012

Cornwall Dyslexic Association - helping out

Just been to meet with the Cornwall Dyslexic Association (CDA) whom I'm working with and leafleting for.

The CDA are a fantastic Cornish resource, offering advise regarding learning challenges and support and assessment for those with Dyslexia.

I faced what felt like were impossible challenges in my academic life until I discovered I was dyslexic and finally was given the tools to overcome the obstacles in my way.

If you would like information regarding getting in contact with the CDA or if you'd like to talk to me regarding Dyslexia my contact details are on my website

Friday 3 August 2012

A frustrated Flybe user

In my opinion Newquay airport is a vital part of Cornwall's future plans for growth and development. I use Flybe to travel up to London and love the feeling of flying out and back into my home county.

Unfortunately while trying to book a return flight to Edinburgh, today, I was again confronted with one of the many archaic transport obstructions that Cornwall's tourists and residents regularly face.

The purpose of the flight was pleasure. I'm a big surfer and always wanted to surf in the Scottish outback. A few days before booking the flight I called Flybe to check on the reason they didn't have surf boards included in their online booking system. I was told all I needed to do was book the flight online and then call back and book in a surfboard.

Fair enough I thought.

Today was booking day. I went to Flybe's online system, filled in all of my details and was about to confirm when I thought, "let's just double check the surfboard reservation policy".
I called Flybe and after nearly 10 minutes on hold was connected to a rep.

When I asked if I could book in my surf board I was told I couldn't. Apparently far from allowing customers to book in surfboards (& long boarders beware there is also a length limit!) I was told I could only turn up on the day of the flight with the boards and Flybe would include them, at a charge, IF there was room on the plane. If there wasn't room they would put the board on the next flight.

When I pointed out that this was not what I had originally been told, not to mention that the next flight would be TWO days latter I was met with a stone wall.

Forgetting for a moment my personal frustration at this insane policy just consider what that means for Cornwall. One of our greatest commercial resources is our stunning beaches and often excellent surf. The surf industry and tourism are vital providers of jobs and income, how is it possible then that Flybe don't transport sports equipment in a modern and customer focused way?

I plan to write to Flybe to ask why and get them to help us solve this problem

Thursday 2 August 2012

Meeting-Truro High School re Daniell Road Parking

I met this morning with Bryan Login, the bursar for Truro High School, regarding the potential for making parking spaces available to residents in and around Daniell Road, Truro.
This will of course involve a fee, however given that this option has been suggested by residents I think appetite is there.
We discussed the difficulty residents are having with parking and a number of options for a parking plan.
This is still at a very early stage and it goes without saying that allot of work, approval from the school and resident interest will be required before this is considered viable, however the meeting was certainly positive and productive.