Friday 8 February 2013

January Report: Threemilestone, Daniell Road and Getting Married

January Report: Threemilestone, Daniell Road and Getting Married

8/02/2013 Adam Desmonde

Proud to be the Candidate for Threemilestone
With the festivities of Christmas completed, January saw a return to a busy diary and lots of correspondence. 

In my personal life I’ve been working on marriage preparations as the date gets closer and am trying to find time in my schedule to have our Banns read, select suits for the best men and ushers and the very important task of picking who sits where at the reception! I’ve also been training hard for my stag/the Tough Mudders challenge and am actually starting to enjoy running, something until recently I found inconceivable!

Gratefully work continues to be busy with visits to HMNB Portsmouth and other local projects keeping us gainfully employed. Its is also always very enlightening to have the opportunity to visit places like HMNB Portsmouth in terms of meeting people working in such a diverse environment, and being able to chat about the forces and life in general.

Politically I’ve been occupied with a number of issues in Truro including the ongoing issue of the dangerous and overcrowded parking at Daniell Road. I have met with local residents regarding their concerns and spoken with their current and prospective County Councilors for the area. I have helped and given advise in relation to forming an action group for securing the changes they need and hopefully will be able to address the issues as soon as the forthcoming elections conclude in May.

Regarding the County Council I am proud to say that I have been accepted as the candidate for Threemilestone and have been out working in the area to that end. 

As one of the first students at Truro College I spent years getting to know the area as it developed, from the first barn like building and then the residential and educational sites which developed around it.

I’ve also worked in the area and just last year I was providing project management duties at the new Richard Lander School as they looked to construct a new area for students with special learning requirements.

Threemilestone is facing an incredibly challenging time in regards to the new residential developments which are currently being reviewed in the Neighborhood plan and as someone with a strong background in construction, and just as importantly, construction management and business I feel I am very well placed to make sure we get the best deal.

I have also been out meeting people in the area, met with local parish councilors and attended a parish council meeting in order to make sure I am well prepared in terms of any challenges the area is facing.