Friday 28 September 2012

Neighbourhood meeting plan. 27th Sep 2012

Took some time out of work this morning (Thursday 27th sep) to attend the Strategic Planning Committee meeting at County Hall, Truro.

This is an incredibly important issue for Truro, Kenwyn and the associated area.

Whilst it is of course important that we provide housing for our young people and those looking to get onto the housing ladder I wanted to learn more about the councils plans and any concerns regarding the project.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Fair Trade

I've been out delivering leaflets this week to local business promoting Fair Trade and requesting information regarding Fair Trade product use.

For further information see;

You can also contact Councillor Charlotte MacKenzie (01872 261675 )
who is a champion of this important work.

September, Overview, council, Cornwall Dyslexia Association

It's been a busy month both at work and as a councillor in Truro. Work wise I've been both in and out of the county working on various projects and looking closely at contracts coming up in the southwest, hoping that Cornish companies are being given the opportunity and proper consideration that their geography and excellence demands.

On the council side I have been busy over the last month with meetings of the full council, planning and parks. These usually finish late in the evening, around 8/9pm, and involve lively debate over important local issues.

I've also been working with the Cornwall Dyslexia Association who are an excellent organisation offering assessment and support to individuals who require that extra bit of help.