Thursday 11 October 2012

Portsmouth To Parks - A good day. 08/10/2012

As usual its been a busy start to the week.

As everyone who runs a business in Cornwall knows its a challenging environment at the moment and we have to be prepared to go that little bit further to keep out businesses prospering and moving forward.

This week work has taken me to Portsmouth Navel Base where I've been working on an a very interesting project involving one of the key buildings used by our forces. I drove up last Sunday and stayed in the Travel Lodge close to the base (which was in a bit of a state!) before heading on to the base early on Monday morning and getting cracking on the project.

The work involved conducting a reconnoitre and a brief visual inspection of the building in need of some TLC before putting together a photo record and preparing a report and recommendations before taking a more detailed analysis on Thursday and Friday this week.

Once done I then had to high tail it from Portsmouth at 1:00pm to get back to Cornwall in time for a City Council meeting on Parks at 7:00pm. The Parks meeting was fantastic, the main focus was discussing what plans the Parks committee has got for the future for Truro. What we want to focus on is delivering substantial, realistic projects which are affordable and which can really have an impact on our beautiful city and the lives of its citizens.

We also had the opportunity to again thank Richard Budge and his Parks team for the fantastic job they do keeping Truro looking so beautiful and their incredible success in winning South West In Bloom Champion!

Below is a video the team put together along with Brett Harvey which I was shown at the parks meeting. It perfectly captures what I love about living in Truro.

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