Wednesday 7 November 2012

The Money Group, Truro. An Issue Regarding Litter. October. 07.11.2012

The Money Group, Truro. An Issue Regarding Litter

Adam Desmonde

I'm currently in training for an event called Tough Mudder;

This is a 12-mile obstacle course and run, which I’m doing partly for charity, and partly for my stag do before I get married early next year.

I've already started training and as someone who is much happier in the water than long distance running have been hitting the road around Threemilestone and Truro slowly getting myself in shape.

It was whilst training in Truro, running my way out of the center and building up a head of steam that I ran past Falcon House, home of the Money Group. As I stopped to take a quick stretch before hitting the hill climb I noticed all around the grassed area beside Falcon house and Moorfield car park were cigarette butts, indeed the litter was so bad in some areas you could hardly see the grass.

I called the Money Group a couple of weeks ago and expressed my concern regarding the state of the area. To their credit they held their hands up and recognized it was an issue, indeed they have already spoken to their staff and asked them to desist from littering outside the building.

We talked about a number of options and agreed that a solution would be the installation of cigarette bins in which employees could dispose of their litter and keep Truro tidy. We agreed I would raise the issue with the City Council, ask for their views on how to address the situation and write back to the money group with a recommendation.

I await the city councils findings

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